Executive Commitee / Board of Directors

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia (CanCham) is a member-led organization.

Members of CanCham’s Board of Directors are elected on an annual basis by members with voting rights and who have fully paid their membership

During the current election process, the board will expand to include 5 elected board seats and 3 additional seats for major sponsors, creating a table of 8 individuals. This expanded board will enhance decision-making consistency and ensure a quorum. The Board of Directors holds the responsibility for steering the Chamber’s activities and overseeing its financial dealings. Additionally, the Board manages the execution and advocacy of the Chamber’s policies and approves new members. Members of the Board are elected annually by those with voting rights within the Chamber. This structure is designed to maintain operational integrity and represent the interests of both the Chamber and its major sponsors.


The 2023 CanCham Board of Directors

  • Frederic Proulx, Chairman, Ending term December 1st, 2023
  • David Said, Vice-Chairman, Transition nominee for financial and regulation until December 31st, 2023
  • Jonathan Bondy, Executive Member of the Board, Ending term March 31st, 2022
  • Yurick Vandal, Executive Member of the Board, Undecided
  • Jean-François Morin, Executive Member of the Board, Running for election again as board member
  • Linda Phou, Honorary Member of the Board, Ending term December 1st, 2023