Canadian Chambers of Commerce in Cambodia Successfully Launches “Battle of Chambers” with the French Chamber and Announces Digital Election Process, Alongside Canadian Government’s Ongoing Financial Support Program.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia – The Canadian Chambers of Commerce in Cambodia proudly announces the successful launch of the “Battle of Chambers” initiative, which kicked off on July 10th with an exhilarating event at the Roller Dome in collaboration with the French Chamber. Additionally, the chambers are excited to announce the upcoming digital election process, commencing on August 1st for nominations and culminating on September 14th, performed exclusively through the dedicated CanCham app for members. In a significant development, the Canadian government has also initiated a financial support program, which is currently in progress and expected to be enabled by the end of this year.

The Canadian Chambers of Commerce in Cambodia initiated the “Battle of Chambers” to foster stronger connections and collaboration among different chambers operating in the region. The event at the Roller Dome witnessed a remarkable turnout and proved to be an extraordinary platform for members to engage in friendly sports competitions, creating lasting memories filled with joy, sweat, and laughter.

Participants from the Canadian and French Chambers of Commerce showcased their sporting skills and embraced the spirit of healthy competition, roller skating their way to camaraderie and teamwork. The event provided a vibrant atmosphere where members had the opportunity to network, build new relationships, and strengthen existing connections, fostering a sense of unity within the business community.

Moreover, the Canadian Chambers of Commerce in Cambodia is excited to announce the commencement of the digital election process, a testament to the organization’s commitment to innovation and technology. Starting from August 1st, members will have the opportunity to nominate candidates for the new board through the dedicated CanCham app, providing a seamless and convenient way to participate. The digital election process ensures inclusivity, allowing all members to engage and exercise their voting rights regardless of their location.

In addition to the exciting initiatives, the Canadian government has initiated a financial support program to assist local chambers in their initiatives. While the program is currently under development, the Canadian Chambers of Commerce in Cambodia anticipates its full implementation by the end of this year. The program reflects the government’s dedication to bolstering the efforts of chambers and fostering the growth and success of Canadian businesses in Cambodia.

Chairman Frederic H. Proulx expressed his appreciation for the Canadian government’s ongoing commitment, stating, “The financial support program initiated by the Canadian government is a testament to their strong partnership with the Canadian Chambers of Commerce in Cambodia. We eagerly anticipate its completion, as it will further empower our members and enable us to create impactful initiatives that contribute to the growth and success of Canadian businesses in Cambodia.”

The Canadian Chambers of Commerce in Cambodia looks forward to the continued success of the “Battle of Chambers” events, bringing together members from various chambers and fostering collaboration. With the digital election process through the CanCham app, the organization ensures a transparent and efficient voting process that allows members to actively participate in shaping the future of the chambers.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Frederic H. Proulx
Chairman, Canadian Chambers of Commerce in Cambodia
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