The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia

សភាពាណិជួកម្ម កាណាដា នៅ កម្ពុជា
The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia (CanCham) is a Non-Profit, Non-Governmental Organization whose members represent companies of Canadian origin from different sectors and industries, doing business in Cambodia.

Join the CanCham Cambodia Board of Directors

We are seeking candidates with a demonstrated commitment to Canadian business, strong leadership skills, and a passion for making a positive impact. If you possess these qualities, we encourage you to submit your nomination today.

Canada in Cambodia

Supporting Canadian Companies & Entrepreneurs in Cambodia

CanCham seeks to promote and support Canadian companies and entrepreneurs in Cambodia through advocacy, information, networking and business services. Our objective is to enhance Canadian interests in Cambodia and promote Cambodia to potential investors and government organizations. In addition, CanCham is a connectivity point for other Canadian businesses and Chambers.

CanCham Memberships

Corporate Membership

A body corporate, partnership, sole proprietorship or other legally constituted business may apply for Corporate Membership and nominate one or more persons ordinarily resident in Cambodia to be a Corporate Nominee.

Individual Membership

The CanCham Individual Membership is a way for persons who are seeking to meet and connect with business professionals in Cambodia, but do not have a legally constituted business, to dive into the local business community and network with Canadian, Cambodian, and Multi-National professionals in the country.


Is the Canadian Chamber of Commerce an association you believe in and would like to see strive in the business community? For all inquiries about sponsorship and how your business can make an impact, please contact us at [email protected].

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